Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We have recently been looking into new ideas to improve our range of services we can provide and how technology may be able to play a part in this.
We were recently set a task by a customer to copy their white metal paste ring in platinum & diamond.

The customers white metal & paste ring

Firstly we quoted to hand make the ring for the customer but unfortunately this was a little bit over budget and we had to find another solution. It just so happened that we have been in communications with a company for a new 3D drawing program and casting machine. So we approached them and asked if they could do us a design and quote to cast the ring. We would then set the diamonds and finish the ring. This came within our customer’s budget so we were asked to proceed with the project.

Firstly the company sent us 3D rendered pictures for us and our customer to approve.

We were then sent the viper resin mould to make sure we were happy with how the ring would come out. After this a rough casting in platinum was sent down to us.

We then finished off by drilling the holes and setting the diamonds before finally polishing the ring.